NORC Collaboration

NORC at the University of Chicago in collaboration with the Alaska Institute of Social and Economic Research and the Alaska Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies was selected unanimously by the Project Management Committee to perform research for scopes of work on the spend and cost drivers of healthcare in Alaska, a national scan of innovation in other states as well as additional work specific to Alaska.

The strengths of their proposal included:

  • Local collaboration
  • The depth of experience and knowledge of the team
  • Synergy and efficiency working on all four proposals
  • Long-term value to the state
  • Budget within project constraints
  • Stated adherence to timelines and deliverables
  • Availability for follow-up beyond delivery of reports

The following criteria were used in selecting the awardee:

  • Budget: Includes a complete budgetary schedule for the length of the project.  Budget aligns with proposed deliverables.
  • Timelines: The proposal provides an overall project plan, including a timeline for the planning period, that describes the proposer’s capacity to oversee and manage the proposed project including evidence of adequate human, organizational, and professional resources and associated abilities to meet the needs of their proposed project
  • Qualifications: Provides information and references regarding comparable projects completed by the proposer within the last five years.
  • Personnel: Provides a listing of all key personnel responsible for research, management, and oversight for the project: Describes all management functions with information about staff qualifications and experience
  • Understanding the Project: Provides a clear explanation of the methods to be used and the specific goals to be obtained
  • Local Collaboration – Provides a description and evidence if local collaboration if indicated in the proposal
  • Potential Conflicts – Provides a methodology to address potential conflicts of interest

Also on the updates page for November:

  1. We should include the Meta-analysis list and the Historical Project Scan as the preliminary list and a note that not all reports or projects will be reviewed. I attached them as separate documents.
  2. The kick-off meeting and a convening group meeting were held in Anchorage on November 9th with the Project Management Committee and NORC.  The slide deck should be linked here.